It is that

It is that You already revealed weaknesses of the child with pomo I sew a questionnaire from chapter therefore can wonder, whether demands for giving from which performance it evades, any of these skills.

It is possible to begin with a task and to think, what skills play a key role in its performance.

Let's consider as an example cleaning in the room.

It is that task which practically all parents consider idle time.

However if you consider necessary organizational skills, will see that the child can stumble in the mass of cases.

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Perhaps Skin manifestations amplify and occurs distribution of skin process, there are respiratory symptoms rhinitis, otitis, spasmodic cough, asthma attacks, develop symptoms from a digestive tract.


There is a restriction of the area of the struck skin cover, eczema is transformed to neurodermatitis.

Perhaps independent clarification of skin or the wavy course of process with spontaneous remissions.

There can be asthma attacks connected with household and epidermalny sensitization.

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It's a shame

It's a shame And sorry!

GREEDY LAIKA Husky dog took a stick and went on deck over the water.

In water Laika saw shadow and thought that there is also a dog with a stick.

Wanted a dog that stick to take, Its a stick thrown in the water, but that others, to take failed.

Swam the stick in de, further and further from the ground.

Is Laika over the water and barks.

It's a shame to her it was two sticks, and there remained not one!

AS A SMALL, ELLA WAS GREAT Little Ella wanted to become great.

She was doing all this My mother's highheeled shoes was putting on her.

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Let's drink

Let's drink When the body temperature will decrease to C, you RUB baby , lay and cover about dry Stina.

On the forehead , and subclavian , axillary, elbow, groin, popliteal region where pass the large vessels, apply cool lotions.

Let's drink plenty of water , the water can a bit of salt.

Obmanivaet baby towel or pomes Titus him near the fan or air con the ner.

If the body temperature is again looking in the process, repeat one of the cooling Pro zedorik I Faint Symptoms Pallor.


Cold sweat.

Loss of consciousness.

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On a question

On a question At the beginning of game children most often make that mistake that instead of the biggest put in the basis the secondlarge cube, and on it put the first do not distinguish two biggest cubes.

I noticed that the same mistake was made also by backward children at experiences which I did with de Sanctis's device.

On a question What biggest?

the child took not the biggest, and following in size.

Any of four sets can be used and for other game.

Whetstones can be mixed on a rug or on a table and to put them as it should be on other table at some distance.

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If the child

If the child If there are problems with the organization which are pouring out in a disorder in the room restriction of quantity of subjects, which can facilitate cleaning it is possible to hold on a look, or use of boxes and boxes for times ny categories of toys with bright labels.

If the child is quicktempered, it is necessary to protect it from situations, subjects and devices, which vyza fits of anger howl.

The child who can run out on the road for an uk we tivshitsya by a ball, should not play in the yard.

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And yet see, what

And yet see, what The old man I was injured, said our hero, and this young man score to death!

Be not afraid, said the Sculptor, I will not harm you I will breathe you in your new life!

Did you hear me?

surprised the Stone.

Of course, said the Sculptor, hear and feel what you those ply and pliable.

And yet see, what a beautiful figure lurks in you!

But I will need your help and your consent.

Okay, was neither was, alright, that is, mold!

However, the young man went to work competently, he prepared Books and Yaks So Alekhina pitchfork many drawings and drawings, made the necessary replacement ry, has thought of every detail and only then started for sculpture.

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  • Gradually pass to more exact definition one whole, one second.If the child asks, why a circle of an obozn one is hoped as whole, explain that one means whole part and one second that is fractional part and so on.Solve examples with transition through an integer obya zatelno show the decision by means of figures + = = ; = .Ask the child, what identical details it is possible to lay out a half of a circle let will find everything cook Anta.And what details it is possible to lay out part of Crewe hectare?And to what other shares will equal , , ?
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  • But who would be limited to a such reasoning the plasmodium of malaria is the elementary a stomach Nov which before our eyes breeds division; after division we see two various cages, one poluluiny, and other bichenosny female and man's cages, conjugation which are alternated by division, such reasoning would lay a way to opening.But so the simple argument did not happen actually.Involuntarily the question, what is success would be achieved by mankind, if special education podgotovlyalo people to to pure supervision and logical thinking?
  • It either oral games, or games on paper, or outdoor games.Such games and toys develop in children the speech, to the myshla scientific research institute, logic, small motility, persistence, creative spo sobnost after all, having played enough with ready tasks, they start giving out to the surface hundreds of options.Distinctive feature of the developing games not obkhodimo to perform some task, and in order that to execute it, it is necessary to think.The term developing games was for the first time used the remarkable teacher, the father of the developing games by Boris Pavlovich Nikitin we still will talk about his games on the country tsakhets of our book.
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