Having seen

Having seen Also I spin instructions on its unrealistic expectations prezhdeniye only increased her determination.

Having seen that attempts to rescue it from her do not work, the father offered the help.

Together they defined information which can be necessary for it, and it was it is ready to meet the realtor to learn, how many will cost small shop, and then to define an other expenses and stock cost.

She still did not solve, whether wants and whether can to realize the plan, but experience was very valuable, and the father already men she worries about its choice.

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These fundamental

These fundamental Veroit but, the child very much wants and even can cope with a task, but about does not know hundred as.

Specialists in children's development found out that most of such children capable, but disseminated do not possess number of organizational skills.

These fundamental abilities of a pomog yut to the child to be collected, to plan the time, diligent to work, to concentrate in practice and not to distract, operate emotions, easily to adapt to changes and not to despond.

The foundation of organizational skills is laid in the person to ugly faces deniye also develop gradually in the first twenty years of life.

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A feather

A feather Okay, okay, what do we have next?

The story about a Feather.

A feather Cleaned dove feathers on the roof and one of them lost.

Les provides a feather and sad Before I was flying, and now lie.

Oh, how I miss feeling of flight, how I miss height!

I want to fly?

asked suddenly a light breeze mileage Mering past.

Really want!

Well, flew!

I fly, fly higher and higher!

enjoyed a Feather, under hachinoe wind.

How beautiful from the top to look at the garden, on the pond!

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Folk remedies

Folk remedies Give the child the % glucose solution , regidron, alkaline mineral water , fruit and vegetable broths .

Cook a compote rhubarb, Kisel from the hips and black mountain ash, Apple, carrot, lemon juice , drink with raisins or dried raspberries , decoctions from the hips and leaves the mother and stepmother , milk prunes and decoction of the leaves raspberries , yogurt with apples, prunes.

Folk remedies Dry cough let baby infusion marshmallow root grams per ml of water teaspoon, decimal.

spoon or spoon depending on the age of the child every hours.

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At a weak

At a weak To do this more often poite baby and watch his weight if it is an infant.

At a weak diarrhea without vomiting eliminate all dairy products , juices and fatty foods .

If diarrhea strong and watery through each Dyje hours, then eliminate all the food, milk excluding breast, baby food and juices on hours depending on the severity of diarrhea and poite water baby little and often , so also give him the solution regidrona that will reimburse the lost mineral salts.

If the child appeared vomiting , do not let he no food in addition to breast milk , however, don't let him suck long ray more often, but gradually.

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The child

The child Symptoms The child has pale skin , seen from matochnoe fat in the subcutaneous tissue, reducing the elasticity of tissues and vitality the muscles.

Can be expressed symptoms of rickets.

Often allergical reactions arise.

The child looks full , fattened up.

There is a tendency to malfunction intestine constipation, goiter, anemia.

Children with paratopia often have a characteristic build short neck, broad chest cage, narrow blades, rounded body shape.

Frequent diaper rash in natural folds skin.

To the doctor in the polyclinic you need while symptoms of partiii emergency assistance is not required.

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This rule

This rule Perhaps this due to the fact that we agree on these rules, and I strictly monitor their implementation.

For example, I have a great vilo three toys, finished work and wellearned rest.

The rule of three toys.

This rule is that first lessons we choose three toys that will be involved in our work, with two toys you beret child, one psychologist.

This rule helps child focus and take over from the responsibility for the further process.

Toy selected psychologist, is a great opportunity to use home blank and enter into consultation tale or story.

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