Speech and cognitive

Speech and cognitive In part II we will tell about that, how to analyse and correct a situation so that tasks, facing the child, corresponded to his skills and a way better to nost.

Asperger's Syndrome the development violation resulting in difficulties in sotsial number interaction, to absence of empathy and a limited focus of interest and for nyatiya.

Speech and cognitive abilities thus are kept.

Also for it designations the term illness of an autistichesky range with the instruction is used severity.

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Before lay down

Before lay down Take one cutting card, consider.

Before lay down to the child to find the same fragment and a rassk on the card to zat that on it it is possible to see.

Let will try to bring together all card entirely.

After a while cut the having sya rectangles on two parts one lengthways, others to a bottom rivers.

Play also.

Try to find on cards of other scale those frag cops who are represented on your cards.


This game is familiar to all since the childhood, in it players in turn tell approximately such text I know five names of girls Masha, Olya, Katya, Lisa, Lena, I know five cities Mosk va, Kiev, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Sevastopol and so on.

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Relevant effect

Relevant effect Therefore mustard is widely used in disease the deposits of the respiratory system of children.

Relevant effect is the creation with the power of the yellow card for more hearth time dragane, which reduces the blood supply the sick organ, thus reducing the vos yesterday by drop.

For example, if a child is sick, the Steno sarousi laryngotracheitis that resistance sozdaetsya difficulty breathing, glubokovodnye cough, hoarse voice .

For distractions the effect of mustard put on the calf areas feet.

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He teeth

He teeth It is this Figo the RA will now be led.

But first he gives the command One, two, three!

Figure Atari!

Game develops coordination.

Two and a half to three years Wolf and rabbit Adult PLAY the role of a wolf, and kids become by hares.

Read this poem Times.


three, four, five.

Nowhere to Bunny jumping Walks everywhere wolf, wolf.

He teeth click, click!

At this time, rabbit jumping around the room.

And we hide in the bushes.

't find us now you.

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It is possible

It is possible Naturally, for small only printing letters, and better not handwritten, but computer listing.

It is possible also to supply a card with the generalizing picture.

However, it will be quite difficult to find such small picture on the necessary subject.

But in the general, the imagination scope in production of options of game is unlimited chemical elements metals, alkalis, gases; hometown streets, areas, rivers, monasteries, embankments, bulva ry, stations, bridges, temples and so on; combination of biology and geography plants and animals on continents, to natural zones or climatic zones; equipment and so on.

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Never would

Never would Funny dog brush brought.

The Fox power, Lisesi force.

I don't whip the horse, delicious sicoi will be treated.

Will not grow vegetables not you cook that along soup.

Never would we punish a puppy he is innocent.

There is no luck, Yes helped misfortune .

Semyon chips made in the clothespins.

Gather vegetables, will be treated with friends.

The puppy in the village I'm looking for, condensed milk will be treated.

Predatory pike at the bottom of the prowl, looking for their food.

There Sylvia son grey little puppy.

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Although Maybe snowstorms you had chilled his?

And maybe.

And suddenly kabanchik saw in the trunk of oak big wound.

Who has dared to hurt you so?

he asked oak.

It traces thy hoofs, sighed sadly oak.

From behind this wound me leaving the force.

Although my roots are still 're looking for in the land of the lifegiving water and carefully carry her to the trunk, water cannot reach the top of the twigs and drink.


angry horn.

Look carefully at my wound, and you'll understand why, said the tree.

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