In order to avoid

In order to avoid, crackers, biscuit.

In order to avoid complications during starvation it is necessary to observe the following rules.


Never to starve that day when it is necessary to the child big physical or intellectual activity and also if it can be expected what that troubles or experiences.


During starvation it is necessary to drink so much water, how many there is a wish.

It is possible to add ?


honey spoons on a glass or a little lemon juice.

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And your

And your On such a day, much can be done.

And your homework you can run and play freely so thought fifth student class Kirill.

But here in the room looked his younger sister Lisa.

Go to roller skate!

she suggested.

Tracks in the garden has dried up.

Can't do it!

Playing again?

Essay writing.

On what?

Great joy.

Don't forget to write about the rollers!

Write about your favourite computer games!

replied Kirill.

But I'll write about others!

replied sister.

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How do you think, in what

How do you think, in what Came to us with melon fields Circus.

Striped balls.


Consolidation pronunciation sound H in Proverbs and sayings Say Proverbs to times clearly, highlighting the sound Hours Together with adults small explain the meaning of each statement.

How do you think, in what cases so th they speak?

Reading is the best teaching!

The doctrine decorate, in misfortune comforts.

Was silent, silent Yes vimolket!

Hot cakes from the oven!

People unlearned that axe natochenny What is in the oven is on the table.

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In a diet

In a diet Compote from fresh berries Glass of fresh berries to wash out and clear of fruit stems.

To fill in berries with glasses boiled water to bring to boiling and to insist within an hour, having densely covered.

FOOD OF THE CHILD WITH FOOD ALLERGY FROM YEAR TO YEARS At the age of year the frequency of allergic reactions sometimes decreases.

In a diet the child dairy products, as the food gradually start being entered their value is huge.

It is necessary to begin with kefir, yogurt and others fermented milk products.

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Training in organizational

Training in organizational Chapter .


Training in organizational skills directly Verbal support Verbal support it is deceptive powerful strategy, which parents often instinctively apply in communication with the small children, it is possible because the award is obvious and immediate.

Pride on a face of the twoyearold kid showing on pictures ki animals whom you call, together considering the book, or bending right quantity of fingers in response to a question, how many to it years, motivates us to continue to use such type podderzh ki.

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To cover, allow

To cover, allow To salt, put spices, tomato paste and to extinguish minutes.

To cover, allow to stand minutes.

Vegetable marrows fried Vegetable marrow piece, a flour h.

a spoon, vegetable oil tablespoon, salt, greens to taste.

Vegetable marrow to clear, cut circles , cm thick.

To salt, roll in in to flour and to fry in the warmed oil to a ruddy crust.

A tax from the chopped greens.

Eggplants stewed Eggplant pieces, tomato piece, wheat flour h.

spoon, creamy oil h.

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In hemorrhages

In hemorrhages Flush eyes with an antiseptic solution for example, furatsilina.

Drip eye drops sodium sulfacyl sulfacetamide, eyelids lay any antibacterial eye ointment , for example, percentage of tetracycline ointment , , interest levomitsetinovym ointment.

In hemorrhages under the conjunctiva IP use eye drops percentage yo Dida potassium, skin century put the ointment with heparin rhinometry head When to consult a doctor If the child immediately or after a time is deteriorating eyesight.

If the injury inflicted with a sharp object.

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