II. Perception. The child

II. Perception. The child It appears that absolutely small child has a muscular memory and is very tenacious, and most to a vozb Dima.

And really, the child at times learns letters, feeling them, and does not learn, looking at them.

Besides these images at the same time are associated and with an acoustical image of a letter.



The child has to be able to compare and learn figures when hears sounds, corresponding of the Head mistress asks the child Give me Oh, Give me I.

If child not learns letters at a view of it, she suggests it to feel a letter, to lead round it fingers.

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Toward ' Toward development of the ability to localize sound in space.

Toward development of the ability to correlate the number of soundings with the number scrap.

' User differentiation onomatopoeia.

Toward development of the ability to locate and recognize the voice.

' i WO differentiation merece o and speech sounds.

WO WO WO development of the ability to distinguish voices of different the volume.

WO the development of the mind mentoriented affect the meaning it said.

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Part of children

Part of children Part of children gains this skill not so quickly and simply as it would be desirable, even in a class.

Many parents and teachers encourage development of the organization these skills of that psychologists call to a neprednama renny learning they give to the child free structures, models, Chapter .

Ten principles of work on development of organizational skills of the child casual helps and signs, and it is enough of it.

In any case it go was enough in simpler times when from children there was a smaller demand, and parents and teachers could give them more support and provide the best control.

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Choice may be for you only

Choice may be for you only Choice may be for you only in case if he you will have.

So the book contains the most valuable advice and recipes of traditional and traditional medicine .

After reading the second part book, you will learn to distinguish normal runny nose from allergic rhinitis , intestinal colic signs of appendicitis, and dislocation from arrangement mA.

You will know what to do in every situation tion, what drugs to use which procedures to carry out what people's ways to use.

Domestic incident, and aid in case of accidents focus of the third part the books.

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Fingers Do not use sharp instruments for example, tweezers, retrieve eyes foreign bodies!


Ask the child to blink it can be from to drive the foreign body.

Fingers catch the upper eyelid and wrap his cotton swab.

Ask the child on look down.

Remove the foreign body angle com clean cloth, you can also wash eyes water.


Do not attempt to remove a foreign body from the eyes of piles children.

You can only additional Cravero to the mucous membrane Glas PART III.


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NOTE It is best

NOTE It is best You cannot drink preparatyria iron deficiency anemia iron tea and milk , which reduce EF the effectiveness of their learning .

The effect of treatment, as a rule, appears gradually.

First will decrease the signs of anemia , and not through that time will increase the level of hemoglobin.

NOTE It is best absorbed iron from such products animal beef tongue, meat Crawley ka, Turkey meat, chicken meat, beef meat.

The iron content vegetable products, mg g Products Iron Dried mushrooms Marine cabbage Briar fresh , Oatmeal , Buckwheat , Hercules , Fresh mushrooms , Peaches , Pear , Apple , Plum , Apricot , Plum , Parsley , PART I.

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