Whether the child

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Whether the child Whether the child will be able to master the necessary skills so that in the future to arrive on time on work and not to fly into a rage, communicating with the annoying client or head?

Having become the adult, whether will be able separately to live, to conduct a nez visimy life?

The probability of success considerably will increase if to be engaged in development organizational skills already now.

In this case to the senior classes your child will be able to reach considerable results as in study, and in communication.

He will learn to control himself, to make decisions and to cope with various tasks.

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The armed

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The armed Not only that she is supported and to her served she it is humiliated, belittled in that to the individual alnost which belongs to it by the right of its birth in image human.

As separate member of society, it zero.

It is deprived of all forces and resources providing preservation of life.

I will give such example on a country road the carriage in which sit the father, mother and the child goes.

The armed bandit stops a carriage the known phrase purse or life.

At 'it three who are in a carriage behave variously.

Man, marksman, armed with the revolver, quickly snatches out it and shoots at the robber.

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The artificial

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The artificial Moreover, it is may cause digestive problems and even to diseases of the digestive system.

The artificial change of the mixture, which feeds your baby, valid only in a few cases it reaches a certain age months CET when you want to go to the product calculated Mokubei wisely!

on a more adult baby and if not negative reactions to the usual food.

In both cases when choosing a new product should again consult a doctor!

A FEW WORDS ABOUT SECURITY ARTIFICIAL MIXTURES Often parents of children, and more often from their grandmothers we hear statements about artificial products for children and unsafe even harmful.

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And sa mi hum I am on the hill

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And sa mi hum I am on the hill Sliding down the hill Help your child to climb the hill on the ladder a side step, holding the handles for the railing.

Under prepare for what to go up and down Liu beloved children's lesson.

Praise Very Good!

The bold and clever!

Show how to roll with slides machine.

And sa mi hum I am on the hill go And the machine I have.

Let the machine goes to the mound I followed her hurry.

The game is developing gross motor skills, and coordination.

From year to eighteen months Who's knocking at the door me?

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Speech and cognitive

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Speech and cognitive In part II we will tell about that, how to analyse and correct a situation so that tasks, facing the child, corresponded to his skills and a way better to nost.

Asperger's Syndrome the development violation resulting in difficulties in sotsial number interaction, to absence of empathy and a limited focus of interest and for nyatiya.

Speech and cognitive abilities thus are kept.

Also for it designations the term illness of an autistichesky range with the instruction is used severity.

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Before lay down

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Before lay down Take one cutting card, consider.

Before lay down to the child to find the same fragment and a rassk on the card to zat that on it it is possible to see.

Let will try to bring together all card entirely.

After a while cut the having sya rectangles on two parts one lengthways, others to a bottom rivers.

Play also.

Try to find on cards of other scale those frag cops who are represented on your cards.


This game is familiar to all since the childhood, in it players in turn tell approximately such text I know five names of girls Masha, Olya, Katya, Lisa, Lena, I know five cities Mosk va, Kiev, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Sevastopol and so on.

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